Christiaan Stanges phantastische Dostojewski-Präsentation (engl.)

Texte, Links, Biographie - einzigartig gut! "Welcome to the Dostoevsky Research Station, one man's humble part-time attempt to create THE definitive reference site for the study of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (1821-1881) and his considerable body of work. You may well be thinking, "not another Dostoevsky site!", which is fair enough considering that there are 30+ sites out there already dedicated exclusively to the famous Russian writer (we have links to them all, incidentally). But we're not just another fan site. Online since January 1996, albeit on various webservers and under various monikers, we are not only the fattest with 200 relevant links to other useful spots on the web, we were also the very first. Teachers and students of Literature, Philosophy or Russian Studies, and casual surfers alike... I hope you find this place useful." -- Christiaan Stange 17 September 1999 Prague, Czech Republic

Dostojewskij Research-Station

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